Sustainability, Agriculture, Cosmetic Products

Agriculture – EcoFix(K) is committed to ensuring that farmers produce healthy foods for the society. For the past 8 years, EcoFix(K) has been processing and distributing organic fertilizers to large scale flower farms and vegetable farms as well as to small holder farmers. EcoFix(K) organic fertilizers are unique. They:

  • Increase yields
  • Allows for healthier soils
  • Leads to a cheaper model of farming

EcoFix(K)’s farmer centered model uses a hands on approach through trainings, utilisation of demo plots and more in order help farmers get maximum yields.

Impact • Over 2,000 farmers trained on organic farming and usage of EcoFix(K) organic fertilizer
• Over 8 regional demonstration plots established in Kenya.
• Over 600 tons of fertilizers sold to rejuvenate Kenyan soils

Environment – EcoFix(K) embraces it’s core value of Environment stewardship and has developed an income motivated way of conserving the environment. The Croton tree, commonly cut down to make charcoal, is now substituting household income. The nut the tree produces is harvested and sold to make our various organic products. EcoFix(K) and its network of farmers have greatly contributed to conservation and planting of Croton trees around Kenya.

Impact • Over 150, 000 Croton trees planted
• Over millions of Croton megalocarpus trees conserved.

Energy – We produce a pure plant oil from the Croton nuts harvested and sell this oil in its pure form. No chemicals are used. Our Croton Nut Oil can be used as a direct replacement for diesel fuel in generator sets and in large stationary diesel engines and in steam boilers, but not in road vehicles. The advantages of using croton nut oil include:

• Self-lubricating properties better than diesel
• A flash-point much higher than diesel
• A density slightly lighter than diesel
• An energy calorific value 10% lower than diesel
• Totally miscible with diesel and it can be blended in any ratios with diesel
• Being environmentally-friendly and locally-produced our oil is cheaper than diesel.

•Over 300,000 litres of bio fuel sold to in Kenya to contribute to green energy.